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Scott Mercer

Scott, originally from Seattle, started dancing when he was twelve.  His parents took him to learn how to Square Dance, following in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents.  While Square Dancing, he also learned many Ballroom rhythms, including West Coast Swing.  He participated in the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival for eight years.  After he aged out of the Festival, he worked as a floor monitor for eight years and a judge for one year.  After moving to Indiana in 2003, he has been competing on the West Coast Swing Circuit since 2004.  He has worked with many West Coast Professionals; Maren Oslac, Jason MIklic, Mike Topel, and Tessa and Myles Munroe, just to name a few.  His workshops focus mainly on body mechanics and movement, which utilizes the Biomechanics sub discipline of his Biomedical Engineering Degree.